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    • Apartment - Rome ( View map )

      La Spezia

      Modern and uniquely decorated 807 sq ft (75m2) apartment with 2 bedrooms for 5 persons, in the heart of San Giovanni, Rome.

    • Apartment - Rome ( View map )

      Lucia 1

      Pleasantly furnished apartments near the university district and the central railway station Termini, Rome.

      Free Internet/Wi-Fi , Airport transfer
    • Apartment - Rome ( View map )

      Matteo Boiardo

      Attractive apartment for 8 people, full of open space and a welcoming atmosphere, in Rome.

      Free Internet/Wi-Fi , Free cot
    • Apartment - Rome ( View map )

      Lucia 3

      Modern and bright apartment located at the Porta Maggiore, near the university district of San Lorenzo, Rome.

      Free Internet/Wi-Fi

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Rent an apartment in San Giovanni, Rome!

Get acquainted with one of Rome´s most historic neighborhoods: San Giovanni in Laterano, with Localnomad. The district is named after St. John Lateran Basilica and the Palazzo in the area.  With apartments located next to the 19th century Basilica, which was home to many popes, you will stay in one of the most charming and exquisite areas. Today, the church is one of the seven pilgrimage churches in Rome. As a residential area outside the center of Rome, you will get the best when it comes down to a serene relaxing atmosphere and proximity of Rome´s most enchanting attractions.  Localnomad has apartments in San Giovanni district that can accommodate up to 8 people, perfect for families or a group vacation. All located near subway and bus stations, the city can be yours with a Localnomad apartment.