Slowlife at a designer bakery in Barcelona

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Boldu Barcelona Gracia bread baguette

Some say it does the best breakfast in Barcelona, the best coffee and the best doughnut! But what really grabs your attention when you first set eyes on Boldú Bakery is its contemporary rustic charm, the result of a history that stretches back nearly a century. Localnomad introduces you to a designer bakery in Barelona, in the peaceful neighbourhood of Gràcia, which maintains the slow living spirit of times gone by: a pleasant way of eating, just like our grandparents used to.

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Products and Catering

Sweet treats, bread and Spain’s famous sandwiches. Mmmmm… It all looks so good! As a matter of fact, Localnomad went to try it out and we’re already dying to go back for more. We discovered delicious cappuccinos, artesenal oven-baked pizzas, homemade cakes, toast, bread straight from the wood-fired oven, sticky jams made with fresh fruit… in other words, everything for a delectable breakfast, as well as salads and organic breads.

Face Eyes Nose doughnut Boldu Bakery Barcelona

  • The best doughnut in Barcelona comes with either a chocolate or apricot filling, and can be in the traditional style or shaped like a gingerbread man.

Dolls faces chocolate doughnut boldu bakery


CRONUT: The latest craze at Boldú Barcelona is the famous cronut, a delicious treat that brings together the best of the French croissant and the American doughnut.

History of Boldú Bakery

The bakery was established in the neighbourhood of Grácia in 1939 by Josep and Teresa, who are still remembered by some of the area’s local residents. The family business is now in the hands of its third generation, who maintain the traditional methods of preparing their delicacies, all made by hand and baked in a typical wood-fired oven.

Teresa Jopep Boldu Bakery Gracia


Today, under the care of siblings Marta and Enrique, Boldú has a philosophy: to infuse their products with the flavour of times gone by, memories of halcyon days in idyllic small towns, and above all remember the heritage of this family of traditional bakers.

Bakery Boldu Barcelona

The neighbourhood of Gràcia in Barcelona

Nowadays, Boldú Família de Forners (meaning ‘Family of Bakers’ in Catalan) has 5 branches in Barcelona, the most famous of which is in the neighbourhood of Gràcia. Click here to see all the locations.

Bakery Boldu Barcelona Gracia


Gràcia is a historical neighbourhood with plenty of local character. It constituted a separate town before it was incorporated into Barcelona, and has maintained the laid-back rhythm of life of a small town where everyone knows each other and grandfathers come to sit and chat on the streets. Nevertheless, Gràcia takes on a more bohemian feel as night falls, when it becomes the favourite haunt of artists and intellectuals and its many bars, restaurants, squares and other meeting places fill with friends, families (and even dogs!) catching up over a drink.

Designer bakery

Boldú Gracia underwent a transformation in order to modernise while not forgetting its heritage. The project was lead by interior designer Anna Voland, who incorporated contemporary rustic style, giving way to warm colours, textures and motifs reminiscent of rural farm houses, all offset with a subtle, modern touch.

Anna Voland Bakery Boldu Barcelona Gracia

Holidays in Barcelona

While on holiday in Barcelona, don’t miss the chance to visit the neighbourhood of Gràcia, and discover the charming interiors and delicious treats at Boldú Bakery. Enjoy slow living Catalan style and reserve your stay in Gràcia Barcelona, with excellent offers for your holiday apartment! What are you waiting for?

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