Take a Family Trip to the Asterix Theme Park, near Paris!

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Family Rollercoaster Asterix Park Paris

Take a Family Trip to the Asterix Theme Park, near Paris!

If you don´t know the stories of Asterix and Obelix, it is about a Gaulish village which is unable to be dominated by the Romans.  The comic, “Asterix,” written by René Gosciny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo is one of the most famous in France, so much so, that it inspired the creation of the Asterix Amusement Park, located just outside of Paris. This spectacular theme park is an experience for the whole family and offers exciting attractions such the Achterbanen and Gallierdorf roller-coasters.

The Many Worlds of Asterix Theme Park

Ancient Egypt Rides Asterix Park Paris

Immerse yourself in the world of the Gauls and experience the adventures that Asterix, Obelix, and their friends went through. What is great about this park is your ability to travel from world to world. You can hang out with the Vikings, experience how it was during the Roman Empire, you can walk like an Ancient Egyptian, or bask in the sun with the Ancient Greek gods.  This theme park is one of a kind. So what are you waiting for? Take a trip in this real world time machine, and experience all the wonders that history has to offer you in an exciting way.

Attractions at Asterix
Asterix Park Map Amusement

There are a total of 32 different attractions for the whole family to enjoy, like the “Chaises Floaters” (flying chairs), which makes you feeling like you are flying free through the sky. Not to mention the amazing roller-coasters and water-slides, like the ¨Grande Splatch,¨ (The Big Splash) sure to soak you from head to toe. While you are here, enjoy the Asterix Park show, which recreates scenes from the Asterix comic book.

Flying Chairs Ride Asterix Park Paris

Getting to Asterix Park

Asterix theme park is located 19 miles north of Paris. You can reach the park by car, a shuttle bus that takes you directly from Paris, or by train from Charles de Gaulle airport.

In addition, located just outside the park is Hotel des Trois Hiboux, where you can stay during your visit. But if you are looking for an vacation apartment in Paris, LocalNomad has some fantastic deals for you.

Hotel des Trois Hiboux- Amusement Park

Hours of Operation and Cost for Asterix Park

The amusement park is open from March to November. For exact times and special price offers, check out Asterix Park´s official website.

Shows-Park-Asterix-Theme park

If you are looking for an outing for the whole family to enjoy, Asterix Park is the perfect place.  So come and experience ancient history first hand at one of the most exciting amusement parks in the world!

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