Xiang Xiang Pray House, 5-Star Shipping Container Hotel

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Changzhi Container Hotel7With china´s economy still booming, the industrial import and export business has never been busier. Last year alone China exported over 3.2 million shipping containers, far too many to repurpose or recycle. With a large amount of containers being left derelict, the Tonghe Shanzi Landscape Design company decided to design an exquisite 5-star hotel entirely out of said containers, the Xiang Xiang Pray House. Not only does this unique hotel feature 5-star luxury but it is surrounded by the unspoilt and natural beauty of the Taihang Mountain Gorges. Boasting imposing peaks, arduous crags and elegant waterfalls, this area is truly spectacular.

SONY DSCXiang Xiang Pray House

This peculiar looking container village is arranged on the side of a hill in a rural area just outside the city of Changzhi, China. From the outside, granted it may look like a load of shabby old shipping containers that have been dropped on the hillside, however inside is a different story. The meticulously designed 21 guest rooms incorporate the most luxurious, traditional Chinese décor.

SONY DSCXiang Xiang Pray House Rooms

The pop-up hotel has a choice of fifty or one hundred square foot rooms, all with eight and a half foot high ceilings. The rooms are most definitely cosy, although they do lend a relatively spacious feel thanks to the large windows and sky lights that feature. The high quality, oriental furnishings include traditional lanterns, sofas, fixtures and the highest quality Chinese bedding.

SONY DSCXiang Xiang Pray House Services

Outside the individual suites, guests can relax in the Xiang Xiang Pray House lobby or the hotel restaurant, also made out of shipping containers. There are also regular tea ceremonies and live music performances in the courtyard for guests´ enjoyment. In addition to what this unique hotel has to offer, guests can enjoy admiring the beautiful hillside in which the containers are set and explore this charming village in the Shanxi Province, China.

SONY DSCThe Xiang Xiang Pray House pop-up hotel only took a matter of months to design, manufacture and install proving that facilities like this could have a bright potential future, not only for hotels like this one but for use in disaster situations. A hotel like the Xiang Xiang Pray House could also be designed and used in one city, then transported to another city very easily!


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