Hotel La Belle Juliette in Paris

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Located in the famous Saint Germain des Prés district in Paris is Hotel La Belle Juliette. Comprising a delicious combination of luxury, elegance and comfort, it pays tribute to socialite Juliette Récamier, a cult figure from the Napoleonic era. Thus, LocalNomad would like to take you on a tour of this amazing place just bursting with charm and located at the very heart of the French capital´s top attractions.Hotel La Belle Juliette Paris Hotel La Belle Juliette in Paris Chambre Hotel La Belle Juliette Paris Hotel La Belle Juliette in Paris

Hotel La Belle Juliette History

Juliette Récamier, more commonly known as Juliette Récamier 271x300 Hotel La Belle Juliette in ParisMadame Récamier, was a clever woman whose influence strongly marked the political and literary world of the early 19th century. She was known to hold salons (social gatherings) where some of the greatest intellectuals of the time would meet. Beautiful, intelligent and cultured, Juliette was also the lover of the famous French writer Chateaubriand.

Hotel La Belle Juliette

The decoration of Hotel La Belle Juliette has been entrusted to one of the world renowned figures in “home couture”, Anne Gelbard. The 34 rooms and suites of this 4-star hotel were designed to illustrate the life and times of Juliette Récamier. Thus, the first floor is entirely dedicated to Juliette and her great friend Madame de Staël. The second floor is an account of her many trips to Italy, which she visited countless times. The third floor of Hotel la Belle Juliette is dedicated to the French writer François-René de Chateaubriand, her one true love. Last but not least, on the top floor guests will find a thematic décor and ambience reminiscent of the salons she held.Chambres Hotel La Belle Juliette Paris Hotel La Belle Juliette in Paris

From the generic Classic Rooms and Suites, to the Romantic Deluxe Rooms, attention has been paid to every last detail. The furniture and colors have been carefully and skillfully selected to subtlety remind us of Juliette Récamier´s unusual life. In addition, each room is equipped with an iMac computer allowing guests to surf the internet, listen to music and enjoy TV on demand. In short, this place truly boasts a refined and romantic setting in the heart of Paris.

Restaurant-Bar Le Talma

Hotel La Belle Juliette also features its own restaurant-bar, Le Talma. Organized into several intimate and stylish spaces, Le Talma’s charm originates from its unique décor reminiscent of the literary salons, typical of Juliette´s era. Le Talma also regularly hosts concerts and contemporary art exhibitions. It can even be reserved for private photo shoots, birthdays and corporate events.Le Talma Hotel La Belle Juliette Hotel La Belle Juliette in Paris

Spa Belle Juliette

Finally, Hotel La Belle Juliette boasts a luxurious 80 m2 day spa where guests can enjoy a tailored health and wellness experience. Spa Belle Juliette also features a Turkish bath and a small pool. It is truly the perfect place to take care of yourself and relax, far removed from the chaotic hustle and bustle of the Parisian jungle!Spa La Belle Juliette Hotel La Belle Juliette in Paris

Finally, the beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens), Bon Marché department store and the Louvre Museum are all located nearby for your convenience. Hotel La Belle Juliette offers a unique experience in an exceptional and authentic French ambience. To truly enjoy the best of the City of Light at a more economic price you may also want to consider renting one of our affordable, luxury holiday apartments from feel paris, affiliated to Localnomad. Enjoy your stay!

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