The Dog Cemetery near Paris

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 On the outskirts of Paris, in the charming town of Asnières-sur-Seine, you will find the “Cimetière des Chiens et Autres Animaux Domestiques” (Cemetery of Dogs and Other Domestic Animals), the oldest pet cemetery in the world. More commonly known as the Paris Dog Cemetery It is truly a cemetery like no other and it attracts over 3,500 visitors every year. To this day the Dog Cemetery in Paris remains a testament to the unique bond between man and animals.

In 1899, following the approval of a law authorizing the burial of animalsjournalist Marguerite Durant and lawyer Georges Harmois decided to found the Cemetery of Dogs and Other Domestic animals on l’île des Ravageurs. It was opened that very same year and has been very successful ever since. In 1987, the Paris Dog Cemetery was finally classified as a historical monument by the French government. More than just a cemetery, this place charged with emotion and grief has become a symbol of the powerful love and affection that masters have for their dearly departed fellow companions.

Paris Dog Cemetery famous tombs and monuments

At the entrance of the cemetery there is a monument dedicated to a dog named Barry who died in the nineteenth century. He belonged to the monks of the Hospice du Grand Saint Bernard and was trained to search for lost travelers on stormy days.

 Another monument, erected in 1912, is devoted to police search and rescue dogs. Among others, you will find “Butterfly“, a dog who served for 8 years in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, and “Leo“, who was unfortunately killed in the line of duty.

The Paris Dog Cemetery also houses the remains of pets that belonged to princes, dukes and famous French icons such as Alexandre Dumas and Sacha Guitry. In addition, you will find other dogs like “Moustache“, a hero of Napoleon’s Great Army and “Prince of Wales“, a dog who participated in more than 400 on-stage performances at the Théâtre du Gymnase. You can even see the tomb of the Hollywood star “Rin Tin Tin“!

It doesn´t end there, as other unusual pets are also buried in the Paris Dog Cemetery, including Kiki the monkey, Cocotte the chicken and Faust the sheep!

Finally, in 1958, a stray dog came to die in front of the cemetery and the management decided to erect a monument in his honor. This was the 40,000th animal to be buried in the Cemetery of Dogs in Paris.

The Cemetery of Dogs in Asnières-sur-Seine is just a 20 minute metro ride from Paris center. So if you want to make a quick pit stop, the ideal move is to stay in one of our lovely vacation rentals with Localnomad Paris and drop by one afternoon. This place is so charged with emotion it´s sure to spark a reaction even from those with a heart of stone. Enjoy!

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