Salvador da Bahia in Photos

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With approximately 3 million inhabitants, Salvador da Bahia is one of the most populated cities in Brazil. It was the first colonial capital of Brazil and boasts a vibrant combination of African and Portuguese culture. LocalNomad would like to take you on a photographic tour of the city with images of the top tourist attractions in Salvador da Bahia.

View of the Cidade Baixa (Lower City) and Cidade Alta (Upper Town) in Salvador, connected by the Elevador Lacerda (Lacerda Elevator).

View of the Baía de Todos os Santos (Bay of All Saints), with the Elevador Lacerda and Mercado Modelo shopping mall, in the Comércio district in Salvador

Forte de São Marcelo (São Marcelo Fort), in the Bay of All Saints in Salvador da Bahia

Ponta de Humaitá and Igreja de Humaitá (Church of Humaitá) in Salvador, Bahia

Praia da Barra (Barra Beach) in Salvador, Bahia

Famous sunset on the Praia do Porto da Barra (Porto do Barra Beach), Salvador, Bahia

Pelourinho, Historic Center of Salvador, Bahia

Orishá Statues, African gods, at Dique Do Tororó Park in Salvador da Bahia

Praia do Flamengo (Flamengo Beach) in Salvador

Rodin Museum in Salvador da Bahia

Avenida ACM in Salvador da Bahia

Sailboats in Salvador da Bahia

If you would like to visit Salvador da Bahia then we suggest you opt for a ride on the Salvador Bus bus tour, which is perfect for sightseeing.  We also recommend you rent one of our luxury apartments at Localnomad Bahia. And for those who would just like to know more about Bahia, check out our article Salvador for all Tastes!

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